Peer Review Policy

There is a system called peer review that is used by the journal editorial to decide which research results should be published in Bothalia journal. The peer review process subjects scientific research papers to independent scrutiny by other qualified scientific experts (peers) before they are made public. We aim to reach a first decision on all manuscripts within one or two weeks of submission. Rejection is often much quicker than this, however, and we reject about one third of all submissions without external peer review. About half the original research articles we receive are rejected after review in house, usually by two editors. We aim to do this quickly so that we do not waste authors' time, allowing them to get on and submit the work elsewhere without unnecessary delay. The usual reasons for rejection at this stage are insufficient originality, or the absence of a message that is important to the journal audience - leading us to the decision that, essentially, we do not think Bothalia is the right journal for the work.