Welcome to the Bothalia online manuscript submission and review system.

Before submitting, please confirm that your manuscript meets the following guidelines of Bothalia to Enter Peer Review.

Manuscripts should follow the principles below:
  • 11-point Times Roman typeface (for the body)
  • 13-point Times Roman typeface (for Headings)
  • 16-point Times Roman typeface (for the Title)
  • Single-spaced text
  • 3.5 cm margins from all sides.
  • Submitted papers should be a low size PDF with no page numbers, footers or headers
  • Do not compress images in your paper
  • Do not compress, lock or zip your PDF
  • Use APA referencing method
  • Do not change your text color
  • Captions, tables and diagrams should be set within the text, not at the end of it.
  • Your text should not cross the up and the bottom margins.

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